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Minggu, 03 Juli 2011

Download Cheat Engine 6.0 Terbaru

Buat kamu yang sering ngecheat pasti tahu dengan aplikasi yang satu ini,Cheat Engine.Iya Cheat Engine digunakan untuk ngecheat pada game offline maupun game online.Sekarang Cheat Engine sudah ada versi yang terbaru yaitu Cheat Engine 6.0.Pada versi ini terdapat beberapa penambahan fitur baru dan juga Cheat Engine telah support 64-Bit.

Fitur Cheat Engine 6.0 :
• Added a 64-bit version
• Different compiler (uses fpc/lazarus now instead of delphi)
• Addresslist has been reimplemented from scratch
• Debugger has been reimplemented from scratch
• Hexview has been redesigned
• Added a new debuggerinterface : VEHDebugger
• replaced underc with lua
• Added several lua routines
• pointerscanner speed increased
• custom types changes from scantype to valuetypes that can be used in multiple locations
• disassembler shows colors and can be configured
• improvements to the stackview
• added tabbed scans
• standalone Trainermaker is currently not implemented
• added the option to save scanresults
• You can now compare the current addresslist to the values of a saved scan (first scan included)
• The above also makes the percentage scans more useful, so a between % scan has been added as well
• Tables can now contain lua scripts that can get executed
• Table entries can execute lua scripts when enabled/disabled (see it as an extension to auto assembler)
• Added conditional breakpoint
• added break on data breakpoint
• automated "find what accesses address" now shows a trigger count
• Hotkeys on cheat entries have been improved
• Temp files don't get saved in the ce folder anymore
• Cheat Tables don't get saved in the ce folder anymore
• Added a suggestion where you can save your tables now
• Cheat table entries can now be dragged and dropped, including on top of eachother
• Hexview can now show seperators any way you like
• You can compare two hexviews with eachother to show the differences
• Added the 7 byte hexadecimal display type
• Added some extra plugin apis
• Improved the change register on breakpoint gui
• And lots of other stuff...

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Cheat Engine 6.0 Terbaru

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  1. kode cheat enginenya ong untuk plants vs zombie

    1. Utk cheat plant vs zombies,cari di google aja gan "Cheat plant vs zombies" banyak kok gan...


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